Uber keeps driving forward (see what I did there :)

As Peter Vogel blogged about yesterday (24 Jan 2017), Uber added Amit Singhal to its leadership.  Mr. Singhal, formerly the VP for Search at Google, will run the mapping division.  He will also work with the self-driving cars group.

For the security folks reading this, you may remember that Uber hired Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek into the self-driving cars group back in 2015 (after they demonstrated taking control of a vehicle remotely and presented the vulnerability at DefCon.)

The addition of Mr. Singhal’s brain to the team already flush with really, really, really smart people means we are one step closer to the machines rising up and I, for one, welcome our new autonomous driving overlords.

Read Peter’s much more professional and adult blog here:

Uber will likely get smarter since they hired Google’s former head of search!