In the immortal words of Naughty by Nature: are you down with O.P.B.?  O.P.B., how can I explain it… It is Other Peoples’ Blogs!

I know that you are transfixed by the Jurishacker.com blog, wearing out your F5 key, reloading over and over, waiting for that next nugget of wisdom… Who am I kidding, according to the site analytics both of you that have read this blog are from China and never came back.

Anyway, if you do stumble upon this site and would like to read more intelligent discussions than you will find here I’ve put together a list of the pages that I enjoy visiting.

I’ll start with http://www.vogelitlawblog.com/.  Peter Vogel, a Partner at Gardere in Dallas has been involved with IT and Software Law issues for almost 40 years.  In fact, his sole practice area for the past 39 years has been IT, Software, and Internet law.  He teaches (for the past 30 years) e-discovery and Internet law courses at SMU.  (Bias note: Peter and I are good friends and work together.)

Next up is http://www.gigalaw.com/blog/.  Doug Isenburg provides a good deal of insight into the law of the Internet.

The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford University always has good information on Internet law and policy.

For a couple non-legal (but provide a good amount of information on policy) I really like Brian Krebs’ Krebs on Security and Bruce Schneier’s Schneier on Security sites.  Krebs’ site is less blog and more news, but I’m including it anyway.

If you open each of these each morning, you get a pretty good idea of any large news stories, new vulnerabilities, or threats.  Either that or check https://istheinternetonfire.com/.

edit:  I’ve just been informed that the Naughty by Nature song was O.P.P., which has a completely different meaning. And here I thought Treach was a social media pioneer.  Who knew?