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A real (security) lawyer

You may have noticed several posting recently that are a redirect to Peter Vogel‘s Internet, Information Technology & e-Discovery Blog.  While I’ve found the content on his site useful and interesting for years, it is only recently that I started contributing to its content.  There, as with many other stories, is a backstory.

Peter and I met several years ago when I was pen-testing networks.  He and I struck it off and over the years he has been my friend and mentor.  Now, he is also my colleague.  I have recently joined the venerable Gardere law firm.

Gardere is was founded in 1909 and has grown into one of the Southwest’s largest full-service law firms – with more than 230 attorneys serving clients from three of the largest cities in Texas, as well as Colorado and Mexico, and covering more than 40 different areas of practice.

When I left state government, I spoke to Peter about joining Gardere to help bolster their Cybersecurity and Privacy Legal Services team.  I was happy to join the team in November.

I look to expanding Gardere’s practice in this area over the coming years and building one of the finest cybersecurity teams in the state.

I hope this new opportunity will also allow me time to keep this blog up to date with information around Texas, national, and international security and privacy information.

Here’s to 2017!


For those that have visited the JurisHacker blog before, you’ll notice some drastic changes here.  I’m in the process of a reboot of the blog.  Part of this is due to changes in technology; the old site was a combination of iWeb and handcrafted HTML.  Maintaining the old site was a bit of a pain, so I’ve moved over to WordPress.

WordPress should provide for easier maintenance of the site, giving me more time to develop content.  That’s a good exchange, with the 85th regular legislative session around the corner (for those that aren’t lucky enough to live in Texas, the Texas legislature meets for 140 days every 2 years.  The next meeting will begin in January of 2017).

This blog will be where I post legislative analysis of technology, privacy, and security legislation.  If this is of interest to you, stop by regularly as bill can change often.